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Projects for the Week

“DIY Ipad Case”

Don’t have a protective case for your Ipad? No need to worry, why not just make a stylish and custom case? Thanks to ECAB (Eighteenth Century Agrarian Business) you can now follow this simple tutorial and make yourself a nifty little carrying case for your Ipad. Size it down and you could make one for your Ipod as well. Try exploring different materials (i.e. something waterproof, or re-purposed) and make your own graphic, like: “This really isn’t an Ipad inside”.

“Wine Bottle Glasses/Jig”

Here’s another good one from Instructables. If you’re not familiar with these glasses, they have grown in popularity and they’re pretty easy to make. The only problem is that the wine glasses are tricky to cut. Thanks to this tutorial you can simply lock the bottle in a jig and cut with ease. After that you can customize your glasses and fill them up with your favorite drink. Enjoy.

“Turn Signal Jacket”

If you’re an avid cyclist or just ride at night, you may find this project useful. Who wouldn’t want some extra lights to display themselves while dodging drivers and traffic in the dark? Well this DIY project lets you create your very own jacket to display yourself and more importantly it alerts others on the direction you may be turning. What is really nice about this tutorial is the video attached to give you a better visual.

Good Luck.


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Technique: Supporting DIY’ers and Makers

“Tinkering With Tomorrow”

I recently attended this event at the New America Foundation . You can watch the video attached to the link and the agenda of speakers is attached as well. Great stuff.

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Website of the Week


Recyclart is pretty neat website that has a nice mixture of reuse projects, DIY approaches, and visual art. All of the work contributed comes from material that has been recycled, and now has found a new inspiration. Be sure to use the “tag cloud” found at the bottom of the website, and if you’re feeling particularly motivated go ahead an contribute one of your own reuse ideas. Enjoy.

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