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DIY’er: HemLoft

Here’s a little DIY gem for your Friday, enjoy…….


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Website of the Week


The piece featured above is themed “Plants” and can also be found at Prosthetic Knowledge.

Ideation, a supportive artistic community, concept sharing, innovative design, musical exploration….what are you looking for? You may find it at, a non-profit artistic project that highlights the work of artists, musicians, photographers, and designers. The Rhizome project originally started in 1996 by Mark Tribe, an artist himself. The internet based art forum has since grown to host events, exhibitions and more recently the “Rhizome Commission Program”. The site is not only chock full of visually stimulating photography and engaging design, but the articles are also full of thought provoking content like the subject of distorted Google maps: “The Universal Texture”.

If you are looking to broadcast your artwork and are looking for a supportive artistic community, be sure to check out Rhizome’s site.

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Technique: Cardboard Art

Don’t know about Chris Gilmour’s cardboard art? Neither did I, but this is some pretty amazing stuff. The above photograph titled “BIKES” is at a 1:1 scale, and as you can see there is no shortage of detail. He uses standard cardboard to create his amazing life-like sculptures. Probably one of most impressive things about Gilmour’s work is that his craft is not accomplished with the aid of a machine, but rather true sculptural technique.

Why post this on a DIY site? Well there is a lot to be learned from Gilmour’s craft. In an age of 3-D printers and CNC machines, our ability to conceptualize and simply build a model from simple materials is being lost. Trial and error through conceptual model making is becoming a thing of the past. Yet when I see Gilmour’s work I see an idea from start to finish, especially through his understanding of scale and interpretation of material. So the next time you’re working on a new concept, sit down, sketch and build that scale model.

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Projects for the Week

“Table with a cooler”

What better way to bring picnics and alcohol together, then to modify a table so that it can hold ice and bottles. This DIY project comes from ManMade DIY projects which the contributors were able to find from a winery. I’m not sure the exact directions are available, but this looks like a pretty easy one to tackle. Aside from removing the wood from the center of the picnic table (provided you use an existing table), where the cooler is placed, the hardest part of the project appears to be modifying the metal insert. You may also consider using some plexi-glass and epoxy to give it a different look.

“Radio (batteries not required)”

Here is a great little project for radio enthusiasts, electronic tinkerers, or anyone looking to scan AM stations battery-free. This simplistic DIY project requires little more than a bottle, some small pieces of wood and, magnet wire, a germanium, and some headphones (not a complete list). And for those of you who ask yourself “how does Radio Shack stay in business”, well you may just find out why. As always, being a MAKE project they will walk through this one with no confusion. Enjoy.

“DIY Desk Fan + Heater”

Looking for a way to heat or cool your personal workspace? Want to show off your DIY skills in the office? Well this just might be the perfect project for you. What I like about this project is that it allows you to do a little electrical hacking, some wood working, and some part repurposing. It might be fun to play with the outside design of the heater/fan, perhaps a robot theme.

Good luck with the projects.

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