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Projects for the Week

“Soda Bottle Planters”

This week’s projects will focus on the ingenuity of DIY and re-purposed material. For ,is this great little project that utilizes old soda bottles as planters. The instructions for completing this project, found at the brightestnest blog, looks pretty straight forward:

1. Gather several soda and/or water bottles
2. Carefully cut out a 6”-8” notch from the side of the bottles
3. Drill a hole in the top and bottom of each bottle (parallel with the notch the was just made)
4. Run a wire, or even fishing line (high test of course) through the holes
5. Glue a washer at the bottom of the hole to minimize leaks, to prevent the bottle from sliding down the line
6. Anchor the top and bottom of the line so that the bottle are suspended

Those simple steps should get you started on your collection of recycled planters that can works as an exterior wall covering, shading a balcony opening, or even covering an interior window.

“Wall Art”

This project is perfect for the aspiring woodworker or sculptor. It’s also a nice use for leftover wood pieces that might otherwise be tossed or burned for kindling. The contributors at have provided a nice step by step for creating spectacular wall art that provides a blend of colors, while also providing some nice depth. You can choose your color scheme ahead of time or make it up as you go along, either way it’s bound to add some life to your space.

“Lightbulb Vase”

The last project for this week’s reuse theme is simple, yet unbelievably creative. By simply using dissecting an old light bulb, you are able to create a functional planter that can be used at home or in the office. The instructional on Ready Made is thorough as usual, so there’s nothing that needs for be added on this project.



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