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Projects for the Week

“Soda Bottle Planters”

This week’s projects will focus on the ingenuity of DIY and re-purposed material. For ,is this great little project that utilizes old soda bottles as planters. The instructions for completing this project, found at the brightestnest blog, looks pretty straight forward:

1. Gather several soda and/or water bottles
2. Carefully cut out a 6”-8” notch from the side of the bottles
3. Drill a hole in the top and bottom of each bottle (parallel with the notch the was just made)
4. Run a wire, or even fishing line (high test of course) through the holes
5. Glue a washer at the bottom of the hole to minimize leaks, to prevent the bottle from sliding down the line
6. Anchor the top and bottom of the line so that the bottle are suspended

Those simple steps should get you started on your collection of recycled planters that can works as an exterior wall covering, shading a balcony opening, or even covering an interior window.

“Wall Art”

This project is perfect for the aspiring woodworker or sculptor. It’s also a nice use for leftover wood pieces that might otherwise be tossed or burned for kindling. The contributors at have provided a nice step by step for creating spectacular wall art that provides a blend of colors, while also providing some nice depth. You can choose your color scheme ahead of time or make it up as you go along, either way it’s bound to add some life to your space.

“Lightbulb Vase”

The last project for this week’s reuse theme is simple, yet unbelievably creative. By simply using dissecting an old light bulb, you are able to create a functional planter that can be used at home or in the office. The instructional on Ready Made is thorough as usual, so there’s nothing that needs for be added on this project.



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Projects for the Week

“Table with a cooler”

What better way to bring picnics and alcohol together, then to modify a table so that it can hold ice and bottles. This DIY project comes from ManMade DIY projects which the contributors were able to find from a winery. I’m not sure the exact directions are available, but this looks like a pretty easy one to tackle. Aside from removing the wood from the center of the picnic table (provided you use an existing table), where the cooler is placed, the hardest part of the project appears to be modifying the metal insert. You may also consider using some plexi-glass and epoxy to give it a different look.

“Radio (batteries not required)”

Here is a great little project for radio enthusiasts, electronic tinkerers, or anyone looking to scan AM stations battery-free. This simplistic DIY project requires little more than a bottle, some small pieces of wood and, magnet wire, a germanium, and some headphones (not a complete list). And for those of you who ask yourself “how does Radio Shack stay in business”, well you may just find out why. As always, being a MAKE project they will walk through this one with no confusion. Enjoy.

“DIY Desk Fan + Heater”

Looking for a way to heat or cool your personal workspace? Want to show off your DIY skills in the office? Well this just might be the perfect project for you. What I like about this project is that it allows you to do a little electrical hacking, some wood working, and some part repurposing. It might be fun to play with the outside design of the heater/fan, perhaps a robot theme.

Good luck with the projects.

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Projects for the Week

“DIY Ipad Case”

Don’t have a protective case for your Ipad? No need to worry, why not just make a stylish and custom case? Thanks to ECAB (Eighteenth Century Agrarian Business) you can now follow this simple tutorial and make yourself a nifty little carrying case for your Ipad. Size it down and you could make one for your Ipod as well. Try exploring different materials (i.e. something waterproof, or re-purposed) and make your own graphic, like: “This really isn’t an Ipad inside”.

“Wine Bottle Glasses/Jig”

Here’s another good one from Instructables. If you’re not familiar with these glasses, they have grown in popularity and they’re pretty easy to make. The only problem is that the wine glasses are tricky to cut. Thanks to this tutorial you can simply lock the bottle in a jig and cut with ease. After that you can customize your glasses and fill them up with your favorite drink. Enjoy.

“Turn Signal Jacket”

If you’re an avid cyclist or just ride at night, you may find this project useful. Who wouldn’t want some extra lights to display themselves while dodging drivers and traffic in the dark? Well this DIY project lets you create your very own jacket to display yourself and more importantly it alerts others on the direction you may be turning. What is really nice about this tutorial is the video attached to give you a better visual.

Good Luck.

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Projects for the Week

“Cement Block Planter”

Simple and modern. This project requires very little assembly and relies basically on gravity in order to stay together. With Spring approaching fast this would make a great planter for herbs and tomatoes in your backyard or patio. You can pick up some concrete blocks at the local hardware store or try a building reuse store.

“Mail Tube Wine Rack”

This projects comes from the site Design Sponge which is has a lot of useful and creative ideas, utilizing your fabric skills. The wine tube project only requires a few materials, and I guarantee you already have a mailing tube laying around your place. If you can’t find the felt that is used in the instructions try re-purposing an old flannel shirt or sweater. And don’t feel inclined to just put wine in this thing, whiskey likes a comfortable place to rest too.

“Mint Container Grill”

What is better than camping with great breath? Not much, and thanks to this Instructable you can make it happen. The designer of this DIY project uses an empty Altoid container and fan guards to construct a mini-grill for on the go cookouts. Now you’ll be able to make sliders one at a time for all of your friends.

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Projects for the Week

“Pannier Bag”

This is the perfect project for the cyclist who needs a little extra space to pick-up some beer, groceries, or wants to take their cat for ride on a nice day…ummmm…that’s normal right? Anyways this is DIY project courtesy of Instructables and requires very little assembly and absolutely comes in handy on your ride. My recommendation would be to use a fabric that can withstand exterior use.

“Coffee Table”

I’m not sure about you, but I happen to really like simplistic “kit of parts” projects. This plywood table project has 4 parts and they all rely on each other, without glue or fasteners. For this project you definitely want to think about using a circular saw with a long guide. You can get by without both, but you’re just going to have to be little more careful when making the big cuts. Also if you’re particularly worried about the top not being stable you could opt to put dowels in the top support and rest them into pre-drilled holes in the underside of the top. Try to avoid gluing it on.

“DIY Pencils”

Unfortunately pencils are under-used these days, but they’re still great for crossword puzzles, sketching, and writing lists (provided you still know how to use a pencil). The directions for this one are pretty darn simple and the hardest part is going to be finding graphite. I would suggest checking out Utrecht or Michael’s art store. This would be a good project for someone who has a business and wants to advertise or just want to put their number on pencils and pass them out to meet people.

Good luck.

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Projects for the Week

“Tree Speakers”

Do you happen to have a couple of logs laying around? Well probably not, but if you’re looking to add a sort of “rustic” look to your place this is just the place. The author of this “Instructable” has done a great job of giving you a step by step on how to carry this project out, starting with the collection of the logs. If you’re having trouble finding logs I would suggest checking out your local craigslist postings, specifically in the free or farm & garden section. You can usually find someone who has recently cut down a tree and is left with a pile of unwanted logs/debris. FYI: this project is going to require some more advanced tools than what most people might have on hand.

“Bike Storage”

This is the perfect DIY project for someone who has limited space but refuses to give up their ride. This particular project unfortunately does not come with step by step instructions, but I think with a little ingenuity you can pretty much figure out what’s going on here. From the picture provided it looks like the following was used:

Crown Bolt Turnbuckles: size unknown, but something 3/8″ or larger would be suggested

Metal cable wire: length and gauge depends on your height and weight requirements.

Cable L brackets: You should be able to find these at your local hardware store.

“Multi-use of Hoodie”

Here is a fun little alternate use for your sweater or hoodie when you happen to forget your bag. You can use these folding techniques to create a laptop cover, bag, or pillow. They’re pretty self-explanatory, but just in case you have trouble with the picture step by step you can also check out the video posted.

Enjoy and good luck.

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Projects for the Week

“Tool Roll”:

Do you find yourself fumbling around for loose bike tools? Or swear that you had phillips head screwdriver under your car seat? If not then good for you, cause you’re a lot more organized than most. But if you do have this issue then you should give the Tool Roll project a shot. This is a relatively easy project that allows you to store tools like screwdrivers, knives, and various other tools. You can easily take the plans and modify them to work for whatever you plan on putting in the pockets. I have provided a couple links that will give you both visuals and detailed plans. FYI: if you don’t have a lot of sewing experience don’t worry, this is a great intro to basic sewing. Although if you have access to a sewing machine or someone who can use one, go for it.

“Key Chain Multi-Use Screw Driver”:

Here’s a simple little project that is great for the “on the go” DIY’er. With this little tool you’ll have the capability to switch out screw heads in the hex socket, and it’s small enough that it’s not burdensome to carry around. You’ll need a way to drill through the ratchet shank, but other than that it’s pretty easy to tackle. It suggests using JB Weld, and although I’m not brand guy I recommend this as well. Once the epoxy sets it won’t ever move again.

“Refinishing a kitchen station”:

This is a project that I originally posted on the Instructables website. If you haven’t checked this site out you really should. Most of the projects have great step-by-step instructions and the visuals really help if you rely on them. This project is titled as a butcher block, however it’s really useful for finishing any type of wood project that you may be working on. In fact if you happen to have a coffee table, dresser, or any piece of wood furniture this DIY process should help with questions you may have. If it’s missing anything please let me know.

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